30 August 2009

My Life, According to a Paparrazo

Juniper Trela was most recently seen at the recycling drop off approximately 2 miles from her home, dressed like she always is in jeans, a tank top and a pair of well-worn, outdated flip flops. Apparently, she's taking the recycling thing a little too far!

A source very close to Juniper says, "Jun Jun's involvement with recycling things is really just a way to keep her mind off the fact that she's single. She really wants a boyfriend!"

As most of her fans know, her break up last year with an as-'til-then anonymous chef, Luke Meinert, was a public spectacle. Everyone was waiting for her to go on suicide watch, as she was frequently in the same outfit two days in a row and had taken to eating nearly an entire bag of Tostitos with salsa in one sitting.

Another source who has been friends with Juniper since before she became a household name says, "That was a really hard time for her. Even her super successful career couldn't keep her happy. It's like she just stopped having a reason to live, but luckily, she received a lot of help for that and all of us were there for her."

But there might be good news on the horizon for our favorite sci-fi/fantasy writer. Last week, she was spotted chatting it up with an unidentified man in a Nashville convenience store. The two seemed very friendly and might have possibly exchanged numbers. Now, if we can only get her out of that outfit!


  1. She sounds comfortably dressed to me... :-)
    Thanks for the Target Women link. I'm hooked!

  2. You are more than welcome!

    There's only one "Target Women" that I wasn't too fond of. I think it was the one about how the Today Show was trying to kill Ann Curry. It just wasn't funny.

    But I am rarely, if ever, disappointed in the currentTV crew.

    Oh! And just so you know, Sarah Haskins has written a screenplay that's being filmed right now that looks awesome. I'll have to find the link to the story about it. Damn, my lack of a photographic memory.

  3. It's satire, Stef. SATIRE. If I were a famous person, this is probably what would be written about me. It kind of loses its punch if I have to explain it.

  4. And looking back at that comment, rest assure that Stef and I are related, so we can speak to each other in this manner. FYI. :)

  5. You have an "Honest Scrap" award waiting for you over at my blog.

  6. Hola, sissybug. Head over to my blog to receive the Honest Scrap Award!!!! :-D Yay!