27 June 2009

It's WAR!!! Well, kind of.

Oh, I love it when magazines fight with each other. It sometimes makes us forget that they are crappy, especially when it's Cosmo and AskMen.

So apparently, AskMen.com posted a story about the stalker-esque behaviors of women on Facebook (I'll sum it up for you: we set up fake profiles so we can watch the menz that have wronged us; we're passive-aggressive with private photos and our statuses; AND we lie about our relationship status - get that?? All women are the absolute same, us crazy, manipulative bitches.) and Cosmo responded in turn with, "Well, men do annoying stuff, too!!" (Again, summation: they don't tell us if they're in a relationship; they block their photos; they ask us out via our profiles; they detag themselves from photos; they act like frat boys, all of them!! Because they are all cut from the same cookie mold ... or whatever.)

I've said it before and I'll say it again: not all women are the same, and not all men are the same. Well, I guess the women who read Cosmo (and take it seriously) are the ones that the AskMen article is referring to in their little whine-fest, and vice versa. Because that's the only explanation I can come up with. I cannot recall a time when I have ever made a fake Facebook account; I rarely post photos of myself, let alone of friends and possible dating partners; if I'm mad at someone, I tell them with a phone call or a quick jab to the groin, not a status update; and I've been single both in life and on Facebook for the past couple of months because *shock* I am single. On the flip side, most guys I know don't do any of the shit in the Cosmo article, except maybe the frat boy quotage. But even that is usually tongue-in-cheek.

But still, one can only hope, for entertainment purposes at least, that this little article war will continue. What will the topic be next time?

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